All the parents who are worried about blue light coming from screens can teach their children about the concept of the 20/20/20 rule. This means they should teach them to look from 20 feet away for 20 seconds and after 20 minutes in front of the screen. It is also advisable to buy children’s blue light glasses to safeguard them from harmful rays coming from screens.

But the main question arises is what is a blue light? In simple words, it can be said that blue light is a kind of visible light that has shorter wavelengths and produces more energy than usual light at the other end of the colour spectrum. Sun is the natural and primary source of blue light but it has also come from various other sources that include the following:

  • LED lights
  • Tablets, smartphones and computers
  • Television screens
  • Fluorescent lights

One great news for all the parents out there is that according to various research there is no such evidence about damaging children’s eyes because of blue light coming from these screens. However, it is advisable to buy children’s blue light glasses to safeguard them from any harmful effects from the blue light coming from the screen in the long term.

How do the children’s blue light glasses affect their eyes?

It is healthy for kids to be exposed to sometimes in front of sun rays as it may reduce the risk of causing myopia or its progression. The sun rays provide good benefits for children Eyes. But long exposure to sunlight may also cause adverse effects to a child’s eyes which may lead to damage to the retina. It is so because various research has shown that blue light reaches a child’s retina more than an adult’s eye. More exposure to sunlight may cause damage to the eyes of children in adulthood and may also cause a vision problem.

One of the best ways to protect a child Eyes from excessive exposure to blue light at home or a school is to buy children’s blue light glasses. Parents can buy prescribed or not prescribed blue light glasses that have special lenses to filter out the excessive blue light which will cause damage to a kid’s eye.

Blue light glasses are designed in such a way that it is capable of blocking a special segment of light wavelength that further helps to protect a kid’s eye from any damage caused by such blue light. Although one thing to be kept in mind is that these blue light glasses are not able to filter all blue light but it helps in reducing a child eye exposure to blue light rays by 80%.

It is also advisable to the parents that they check the screen time for the younger kids and limit their screen time so that they will get less exposed towards blue light and also they should buy them blue light glasses for kids who are younger or below the age of 12 and are having expose towards the screen for more than 1 hour a day.