A pleasant bike trip through the Stillachtal in Oberstdorf: Take some an ideal opportunity to watch this delightful sanctuary. Take a gander at the frescoes that are gone back to the 1700s in the Appachkapelle. The Marienkapelle grandstands the most wonderful extravagant special stepped area in the upper Allgäu just as other excellent workmanship.

Here are a few proposals for a great bike visit through the Stillachtal:

Ride south from the commercial center in Oberstdorf by means of the Prinzenstrasse to the Loretto houses of prayer (around 1 km away from the commercial center.

The Josefkapelle has numerous ornate workmanship pieces for review

After the houses of prayer, we take a left at the Scheibenhaus into the Apfelbaumallee. After around 800 meters, we go across the road to Spielmannsau and get to the furthest limit of the rear entryway to the Zimmeroybridge. Take a left upwards along the Stillach stream. We investigate the valley to see one of the biggest Ski Jumps on the planet, the Heini Klopfer Ski Jump.

At the Gschlief by the Lawinengalerie (Avalanche Gallery), we return to the road however utilize the bicyle path on the privilege along the road that passes the display.

We proceed with Dammweg along the Stillach stream which consolidates in a matter of seconds before the parking spot Faistenoy into the central avenue. We remain on this road and tail it down into the valley until we get to the bus stop Birgsau. Here we enter on the left into the inn and eatery Birgsau. You can have a feast here, appreciate the environmental factors and drive back on the old Birgsauer Strasse. Subsequent to passing the Cafe Anatsstein we get back in the city to Oberstdorf at Anatswald.

In the event that you need to get back legitimately to Oberstdorf, prop up on this road. On the off chance that you need to proceed with your visit to Schwand, traverse the Stillach waterway. Take a privilege after the brigde and immediatly a left where the road will lead you to the Fellhornbahn and afterward to Schwand.

From here you can take a short outing to the Ski Jump or the flawlessly found Freibergsee (Freiberg Lake.)

On our way back, we utilize a similar course right to Schwand, take a left and roll over the Schwandsteige to the base of the Ski Jump. Along the rear entryway you will discover your way back to the Zimmeroybruecke (connect). Take a left after the scaffold along the Dammweg directly close to the Stillach waterway. Before we get to the Stillachbruecke (connect), we leave Dammweg and return to Oberstdorf through Meyersoygasse.

There are different courses that you can wander on. For more data call one of the beneath bicycle rental spots (they furnish you with maps as well):

Bicycle rentals in and close Oberstdorf:

1) Bikesport Kinzel

2) Fahrradverleih Hasselberger

3) Fahrradverleih Heckmair

4) Fahrradverleih Kreittner

This is a case of what you can do in Oberstdorf while going in Germany. On the off chance that you need get familiar with Oberstdorf, we arranged a more extensive Oberstdorf travel manage as a team with neighborhood inhabitants that gives one of a kind travel insider tips which you can use during you Germany excursion.