Are you looking for an adorable dog? Are you excited about the new family member? If yes, the following matter proves useful for you. Buying a dog can be a complex process as you may find many sellers offline as well as online. There are several websites like where breeders indulge in the sale and purchase of pets like dogs, cats, etc., but the buyer needs to find trustable breeders interested in fair dealing.

As a buyer, you must do your research while searching for a reliable seller. If you are looking for online breeders, you must look for that flags on potential breeder’s websites. However, you may find all the essential information on the website of the breeder, but to know more, you can speak with breeders in person over the phone call. You can also ask The Breeders for any references so that you may build trust in them.

A genuine and reliable breeder always shows interest in learning more about you and your abilities regarding the upbringing and nurturing of a dog.

Here are some of the guidelines which you should consider while purchasing a dog online:

Look for obvious website error

Some fake breeders copy and paste the text and images from legitimate breeder’s sides, but they failed to caption it correctly. So while searching for a genuine breeder like check the photographs which are not captioned correctly.

You can also look for the watermarks on the images which were placed by legitimate breeders. You will notice that it doesn’t match the name of the website and contact name posted on the watermark.

You may also notice that the passage of text seems inconsistent as some lines of the paragraph are stolen from a legitimate website, and additional paragraphs are poorly written.

Contact vets and shelters near the potential breeders

If you are planning to buy a dog online, you can search to find a vet near the builder’s location or directly ask them about their breeding practices. If you are not sure about the breeder’s quality and ability, you can contact nearby shelters or trainers to gain knowledge.

Ask to see a personalized photograph

If you choose any particular dog from a breeder don’t just settle for the pictures which are advertised on an online website. You may ask the breeder to Share the range of photographs from different ages. When you made a final purchase decision, you can ask the breeder to place a card with your name or date written on it along with the dog’s photograph. This card may help you recognize your prospective dog.

Furthermore, you can also ask for photographs from different angles so that You don’t have any doubts regarding the pet you choose.


These are some of the guidelines all instructions you must follow while purchasing any pet like cat, dog etc. online. Of course, buyers must not rely on the information or images shared on the website, but you should make deep research personally.