We can play the Judi online at ease but we need to choose the right website to earn money. Generally, an online Judi game is chosen to earn money so we should be careful in choosing the site. Though we can be experts in the game if we go for the wrong website nothing we can take as back. So, people can go for reviews or ask their friends about the website and register their account on that site.

Based on the reviews alone we can’t choose it as the best site they should legally register their site with the government and then only it is considered as the right website to use. On this discussion, starshelper is the best site ever for the online gambling game because they follow all norms given by the government. Whenever we think about the online Judi game, we can go to the starshelper site and earn the money at ease because they give more opportunities to all players to win the game.

How to play the online Judi game?

Judi’s online game is similar to the slot game. We need not learn any game tips to play. Just we need to play by pressing the machine present in front of us and the display screen will start to rotate and stop at one point. There will different kinds of themes present on the gambling online, if the screen contains the same set of symbols or any other things then the player is considered as the winner.

Likewise, they need to play few rounds of games and need to win a certain number of games as given on the website. If they win all sets of games as per the rule and then winning bet money will be given to them. Here making a bet is the main thing, we should see the output result given on the website based on the result, we can make a bet amount.

How to deposit the money?

To start the game, we need to make a bet value and so we need to deposit money on our account. The account details of the bank need to be registered for the money transaction. From the particular account only, we can make the transaction, so we need to be careful in registering the account and at the same time, our winning money will be also deposited on the same account. So, it will be used for both purposes.

In this starshelper site, we need to register two accounts because one is used for transaction purposes and the other is used for deposition of referral money. Yes, we can earn through the reference too.

What kinds of bonuses will they give?

Here welcome bonus was given to all new players as encouragement and this bonus will make them play the game more often. Then weekly two kinds of bonuses were given to all players; they can use them during the play in a critical situation and it will give them extra time to play. A jackpot bonus is given monthly once, whoever wins it can earn more money in return.