You might be wondering what is ketamine and why is it used. In this article, we will see the details about ketamine. Read the article to know more about it.


Ketamine is a medicine that makes an individual unconscious. It alternatively is a type of anesthesia. Ketamine when used in an individual can reduce pain. It makes the area unconscious to which it is applied.

You won’t be able to feel that part of the body to which it is applied. Ketamine is dangerous to use without a proper doctor’s prescription. It can be deadly if the right amount of usage is not known. Ketamine is a class 3 approved medicine. Class 3 medicines are exclusively for medical purposes and are available in government-approved pharmacies.

As a physicist, you are not supposed to sell ketamine without a proper prescription. There are other physical disadvantages too of using ketamines. It should be avoided until the pain in a particular area becomes unbearable.


Ketamine can also be used as a sleeping medicine. Again sleeping medicines are meant for use only in patients and people suffering from lack of sleep due to pain, or before few major operations when the patient needs to fall asleep.

It contains N-methyl-D-aspartate, or NMDA, which is found in the nervous system and, in part, modulates pain. A painkiller to be given to humans and animals differ according to the purpose of use.

If a minor dosage is required, only a small amount of ketamine dosage is given. If the purpose of the use is bigger, then heavy medications are required. The type of dosage to be given depends on the health professionals. Doctors usually conduct a lot of blood test along with x-rays just to be sure that you do not have any other serious illness which would react with the ketamine and make the situation worse.

Once they are sure that you can use ketamine, they recommend the dosage peruse. It should be strictly followed and no extra dosage should be taken without prior consultation with the health professionals.

Ways to use ketamine

If you want to use ketamine, you can either do so by visiting the doctors and they will tell you the proper ways to use it. Alternatively, you can also use it by yourself if you know where and how much of it should be used.

If you haven’t used ketamine earlier, we strictly recommend that you do not try these alone. Make sure you have a friend or close family at home before you use ketamine. Your friends can help you if the ketamine reacts adversely to your physical health by asking for intervention from doctors.


As we have come to the end of this article, we have read about ketamine and how they should only be used under guided observation from health specialists. We have also read about the different ways in how and when ketamine can be used. We hope you liked reading the article.