Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games around. Their bright lights, exciting sounds, and chance at a big payout make them an appealing choice for many casino-goers. Specifically, how do those locking reels work when you hit a winning combination?

Locking reels are a feature found on many modern slot machines. When a winning combination lands on the reels, the reels with the winning symbols will lock in place for the next spin. It gives the player an increased chance of hitting another winning combo since those reels cannot spin freely again.

  • They “lock” reels displaying winning symbols after a spin.
  • Locked reels stay in place for the next spin only. They reset after that if no new winner lands.
  • Not all slots have this feature. It’s found on video slots with 5+ reels.

How do they work?

When the reels stop spinning after a player hits the “Spin” button, the slot machine’s computer software checks the symbol combinations across all active paylines. If a winning combo like three cherries or bars is detected, the reels displaying those symbols will lock before the next spin. The remaining reels that are still unlocked will then spin as normal. If another winning symbol lands on one of the locked reels, it potentially completes another winning combination for even bigger payouts. Some slots allow up to 4 reels to lock at once, granting players many chances at multiple wins. However, it’s important to note the locked reels reset after one more spin, whether a new winner is hit or not.

Win win for players

Having some reels locked with winning symbols provides excellent potential to keep the winning streak going. Even if no new winners hit on the next spin, players still got to enjoy the initial win. For the casino, it keeps players excited about playing when they know their odds of winning again are now higher with some reels already displaying winners. This excitement factor keeps slot players engaged longer, which is the ultimate goal for casinos.

Perfect for combos

Many modern slots require combinations across multiple reels to hit a jackpot. For example, a judi slot offers a huge prize for hitting 5 wild symbols across all 5 reels. If you spin and get wilds to land on just 2 or 3 reels, those reels will lock, allowing you multiple chances to fill in the gaps with wilds on the remaining reels. This makes combo jackpots much more achievable. It’s all about player psychology – giving you hope you might hit the big one and keeping you glued to the machine a few spins longer. Locked reels provide that extra incentive to play on.