The children of this generation are growing up with thousands of instant photographs at the moment. This luxury was not available to people two decades ago. People used to get their pictures clicked at a photo booth. There were many photo booths for sale at that time due to their popularity.

Previously when people had to get their photos clicked, they had to hire a photographer who would click their photos professionally. Photography wasn’t a usual thing in those days. People with particular photography skills, education, and a professional camera would only click photos regularly.

Photography was a whole career and people used to go to school for it. Only rich people could afford photography as a hobby back in the day. But nowadays every person can click photographs with their mobile phone. It is easier and faster than clicking photos on a camera. Also, you don’t need any skills to click photos on your mobile phone.

People can click multiple photographs on their mobiles and edit them however they want. People are always finding a reason to click a picture or a selfie. There are multiple photo capturing and editing apps available on mobile phones nowadays. But it wasn’t possible previously so they always went to photo booths to capture their sweet memories.

Hence photo booths for sale were really popular back in the day. They were available in a lot of places, mostly at malls. A photo booth is a small cubicle where you get your picture clicked by putting a coin in the slot. You can only click 5 photos per coin. They are printed in a vertical strip one below another.

Types Of Photo Booths Available For Sale- 

There were different types of photo booths for sale available in electronic shops back in the 90s and the 2000s.

  1. Passport Photo Booths- cameras were not available very often previously and people didn’t have much time and money to go to a photo studio to get their photos clicked. Hence they would go to the photo booth to get their passport-size photos clicked. All you had to do was after putting a coin in the slot, you needed to click the passport size photo option. And you were all set to get a passport-size photo clicked.
  1. Photo Sticker Booths- these were a special type of Japanese photo booth only available in Southeast Asian countries like Japan, North Korea, South Korea, etc. They were popular because they created stickers instead of photos of the people in the photo booth. People found it amusing at that time. They are also known as Purikura
  1. 3-D Photo Booths- these photo booths create 3-D models of people from 2-D version photos. Not many 3-D photo booths are available in the world as they are very expensive. A 3-D photo booth is situated in a miniature park in Madurodam. People can have their own mini-figures by clicking photos in this photo booth.

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