Owning a home is a terrific feeling, offering the opportunity to lay down roots and make plans. With it, however, comes responsibility and not just the paying of bills. Its overall maintenance is important so that it retains its value and continues to be safe and fit for purpose while keeping up with modern demands through improved amenities.

Anyone taking possession or looking to carry out upgrades to a home built prior to 1990 has extra things to consider, as it might contain a material that was made illegal in Australia on the 31st of December 2003. It is why the correct course of action for those close to the capital of WA is to bring in one of the foremost teams in asbestos removals Perth can provide.

  • Many decades ago, the nation required many houses to be built to keep up with demand from a growing population. They needed to be easy to assemble and affordable. The majority contained asbestos in their construction. However, it was discovered in later years that the material came with huge health risks.
  • The Australian government of 1993 acted upon this and stopped the mining of asbestos along with importing and exporting it. Sadly, there were many sufferers who were inflicted with diseases such as asbestosis and many other health issues. It is the responsibility of homeowners to take care of their premises and not cause harm to another person.
  • Getting a team to check out the home will establish if the material is contained in the building. Its removal must be done by a professional team that has been authorized. Choosing one that has worked on government projects is a smart move.
  • A licensed company will know exactly what to do in such situations, having accrued years of experience. They will have all the necessary tools and machinery to ensure that the asbestos is removed safely and then disposed of with the best business practices. Much of the material can be found in roofs, as highly powered vacuums are generally the equipment of choice, while those carrying out the task wear full protective clothing.
  • Bonded asbestos can be particularly dangerous around pipes, as it can easily crumble and infect the environment. That is why only professionals are allowed to get involved in its removal.

Any homeowner who suspects that their property contains asbestos must contact a company with a government license to remove it immediately.