With the rising cost of everything over the last six months, when you move into a new office space, you need to ensure that it is thermally efficient to help reduce your energy bills for your business. There are various ways to do this, but it is better to work on this while the office is being constructed or fitted out. Ensuring that your office is well-insulated can help make a more comfortable workspace for your employees and reduce the heating and cooling bills when you have air conditioning. Below are some areas to concentrate on to help create a thermally efficient office space for your business.

Insulate Your Floors

An excellent place to start when creating a thermally efficient office is using underfloor insulation to help keep your office space warm. There is a suitable underlay that can help you insulate your office floors no matter what type of flooring you are installing. An additional insulative layer underneath your feet can help keep your office space cosy and warm when the mercury drops outside.

Insulate Your Walls

You will also need to have insulation added to your walls, and there are a couple of things you can do to help keep your office space well-insulated. You can use thermal plasterboard from Workplace Interior Shop to help keep your office warm. Behind this, you can put cavity wall insulation to give it an additional layer and make it more thermally efficient. Adding these to your office is an investment that can pay for itself over the years when it reduces your energy usage in your office, and they are quick and simple to install.

Insulate Your Ceiling

You will want to have insulation in the roof space of your building, but you can also insulate the ceiling to help keep it cosy in your office. You can use insulated ceiling tiles in a suspended ceiling and add additional insulation to the space between the ceiling tiles and the ceiling. Doing this will help increase thermal efficiency by creating a barrier to trap the heat and prevent it from rising and escaping from your office.

Install Quality Glazing In Your Office

Depending on your available budget, you will also want to install quality glazing in your office, and you can consider either double-glazing or triple-glazing. Triple-glazing is highly efficient, but it does cost more, so if you have a limited budget available, you can always opt for double-glazing, which is still effective at trapping heat. Ensuring that you have large windows can also let in more sunlight, and if your building faces south, this can also help heat your office when it is cold outside.

Have Curtains For Your Windows

It can also help keep your office warm when you have thermal-backed curtains for the windows of your office, and you close these each night before going home. These will help trap heat inside the building and make it more thermally efficient, and it will take less time n the mornings to heat the office to a comfortable temperature. Your employees will arrive in the morning nice and warm and ready to start their busy days.