If you’re thinking of hiring an RV service, there are a few things you should look for. While rates and inventory are undoubtedly important, there’s also a great deal to consider regarding communication. Read on to identify the best RV service for your needs. Communication is critical – you can’t be just a consumer; you also need to know that you’re interacting with other RV owners.

Mobile RV service

You can find a mobile RV service in several ways. You can ask a fellow camper, your RV dealer, or a parts store for recommendations. Ask your neighbors for recommendations or post a message on a campground Facebook group. However, hiring a mobile RV service has its time and place. In many cases, it is better to avoid paying a repair bill than to spend hours trying to find an RV technician to fix your problems.

RV dealerships usually carry extensive inventories of parts, which allows for quick repairs. A mobile RV service should also be able to access features at their location, though they may not have an extensive inventory. As a result, you may need to schedule additional trips if a mobile RV service is necessary. And, of course, you never know when you’ll need a repair. However, a mobile RV service should be able to get to your RV as soon as possible.


Typically, rates for RV services are higher on the SE side of the state than in the rest of the state. An example of this is when an RV owner brought his vehicle to the west side of the state for practical service and was quoted almost double the rubber roof replacement cost. A few days later, he found a much more appropriate place to replace the roof on his RV on the west side of the state. The materials used in both locations were the same, but the business’s operating costs were much higher.

RV service center dealers typically charge around $100 an hour to work on a unit. However, rates can vary considerably across the country. The rates are generally higher on the west coast and in large cities. For example, in West Michigan, an RV service center dealer’s labor rate is approximately $100 per hour. The cost of replacing a tire is around $200 per tire. Depending on the size of your RV, rates may be lower on the east side.


The best way to ensure the best customer service possible is by communicating effectively between the RV services you choose and your dealership. There are many ways to share, and it’s important to remember that communication is two-way. In most cases, contact is intermittent, which means that your customer might not mention something that’s bothering them right away. For example, the customer may not have said that her air horns were frozen, but they did later that day. The customer may not have even mentioned that the air valves were faulty, and thus the technician would assume that they were inoperable. Likewise, communication between service representatives and consumers can be skewed and intermittent. In the case of this RV owner, he might not mention the issue to his tech because the problem was sporadic, and he tried the horns again later. Nevertheless, the customer’s concerns were.

While radio is an essential component of an RV, it’s often under-appreciated. It is helpful in an emergency; it also serves as a base camp at campsites. If you’re stranded, radio communication is essential to stay with fellow travelers. You can even use the radio to call emergency services. But it would help if you always carried a working radio with you at all times. Communication between RV services is imperative, but you can’t leave it behind.


Regardless of your budget, you may be wondering how much it costs to have your RV repaired and maintained. It can be stressful to tow your RV away, and the expense can quickly deplete your repair budget. You may be able to save money by hiring a mobile RV repair service. However, you’ll likely pay for transportation and lodging costs if you’re not prepared to take your RV out of commission. Here are some tips on making the most of your RV repair budget.

The average cost of RV repairs and parts varies by location and skill level. In West Michigan, a dealership RV service center charges $95 and $100 per hour. That rate will vary across the USA and maybe more in larger cities or the out west. But in general, you can expect to pay at least $150 to $170 an hour for labor. The amount you’ll pay for parts and labor will depend on where you live.