When a military personal receive a PCS (permanent change of station) order, it means they and their family have to move quickly. In such a situation, they have their choices, whether they want to use military shipping or you want to move on your own. The biggest problem is to ship their vehicles to their new duty station. You can opt for a military car ship, but it has its limitations.

You can also go for military car shipping for a stress-free PCS move by Ship a Car Inc. Ship a Car Inc, can ship any vehicle whether it is a truck, auto, camper, kayak/ canoe, boat, ATV, RV, Jet Ski, or golf cart. You just have to name and, they will ship it base to base or door to door wherever you need it.

What to do if you move it on your own?

If you are choosing to move your vehicle on your own, then what you can do is –

  • You can ask another adult family member to drive separately.
  • You can ask someone to help you in moving your vehicle to your new duty station.
  • You can steer one of your vehicle and tow one along with it.
  • You can also make multiple trips to move your vehicle along with your other stuff to your new duty station.

Moving vehicles on your own is a tough and stressful task. It is also one of the reasons they opt for vehicle shippers. Military personal do have military vehicle shipping service, but the government can also bear the cost of a POV shipment if its PCS orders. You have to pay the cost of shipping if you are shipping more than one vehicle.

Why do military members prefer shipping their vehicles?

Military members and their families need the help of vehicle shipping companies more frequently as they get PCS orders one after another. The reason why military members prefer shipping their vehicles with the shipping companies is to save their time. At the same time, companies save them from hassles. On the other hand, they don’t have any extra travel expenditure.

Many vehicle shipping companies are offering special military discounts to military personals. You can also find vehicle shipping companies specialized in shipping military vehicles. The safe delivery at their desired place is also one of the reasons why military personal prefers shipping their vehicle with shipping companies instead of moving it on their own.

The vehicle shipping companies offer the services of exceptionally qualified staff. They are there to answer all your queries. They will help you in scheduling shipments around their needs. They will communicate quickly with you if they come across any challenges. The shipping companies know the military members have a lot on their plates, so they provide the utmost help in transporting their vehicles.

Most vehicle shipping companies shipping military vehicles pick up and deliver their car at the military base. However, it is only after satisfying all the requirements of a base officer. If required, you can also ask the company to pick your vehicle from your house and deliver it to your new place.