There are a few companies that can successfully turn ash into diamond. Turning ash into diamond is the best way for people to feel their loved ones close and to remember them in the best way possible. Such companies have resources and staff who are specialized in developing diamonds from ashes, allowing people to pass through the grieving stage in a very healthy way You can choose to turn your loved one’s ashes into diamonds as a way of making sure that you are expressing your grief by keeping a portion of their loved ones and keeping what made the deceased very special. If you would wish to remember all the special moments that you have shared with your departed loved ones, you can do it by turning their ashes into diamonds or jewelry.

Understanding more about cremation diamonds

Just as the name suggests, cremation diamonds are normally made from the ashes of the deceased. After the deceased is cremated, there are always high contents of carbon that will remain in the ashes. The carbon that remains in the ashes is then extracted and used to form a diamond just as instructed or as unique as the person you would like to remember. Apart from just forming diamonds from people’s ashes, you can also have diamonds formed from your gone pet. That is the best way to always feel, stay connected and honor those people who have passed away.

Cremation diamonds customization

Those companies that deal with ashes diamonds will always allow you to decide how you would want your loved one’s diamonds to look. Cremation diamonds are diverse just like any other gemstone. There are a variety of options or cuts to choose from, including the princess cut, the brilliant cut, and the radiant cut among other types. If you have a specific shape that you would like your departed ashes to be molded in, you can simply suggest and a customized shape will be formed for you.

How the cremation diamonds are made?

Some companies outsource production facilities but there are those with fully equipped facilities. Some machines can be used in the process such as the high-pressure high temperature to form cremation diamonds. Different companies have different methods of forming diamonds from ashes. If you are interested, you should ask before allowing your loved one’s ashes to be changed. If you are satisfied with the explanation, that is when you should go ahead with the process.

Why turn ashes into diamonds

Death is a part of life and we all should accept it. Today you may be living well and the next day, you are no more. You will never know when you lose the person whom you cherish a lot. If it happens to you, finding a suitable way to remember them with love is the only option to grieve healthily. By turning the deceased ashes into diamonds, we are simply allowing our loved ones to be close to us always.